Non-Woven Fabric Slit Machine

XHC-1800 Series Cold Blade Slitter

YFC series slitter adopts high speed circle knife, suitable for all non-woven fabric, polyester fabrics, Nylon fabrics, acetate fiber fabrics, spandex fabrics slitting and rewinding.


1. Cold circle knife design makes sure the higher speed and productivity. 2. Slitting width from 10 mm to 1600mm is suitable for all normal and special application. 3. Wide usage- cutting various materials including fabrics, films, paper, etc. 4. Maximum loading knife up to 100pcs for optimum productivity. 5. Easy to operate and maintain.

Technical Data

Web width:Max.1800 mm

Unwind Diameter:Max.600 mm

Min. Slit Width:10 mm

Rewind Diameter:Max. 300 mm

Machine Speed:Max.120 m/min

Rewind Core I.D.: 1.5” (25 mm) and 3” (76mm)

************************************************************************ Remarks: The YFC machine standard web width is 1800mm, other widths can be customized (400-3200mm available), for any other parameters changes, please welcome to contact with our sales.